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Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Abbe's Learning Tricks:
Tutoring & Advocacy Services

  • Experienced Learning Specialist in Literacy/Math/Organization and Study Skills

  • Advocate to help parents understand their child's educational evaluation and the services needed


About Me


Welcome! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MS in Education from Hofstra University. I am dual certified in NYS in both Special Education and Elementary Education.

I have many years of experience as a Learning Specialist/Special Education Teacher. I was a tenured teacher in the Clarkstown Central School District where I was the resource room teacher at Laurel Plains Elementary School. After having twins, I took time off and then went back to teaching as a learning specialist in the private school sector.  I have extensive experience writing and interpreting IEP's and 504 plans and as a member of  Child Study Teams.  This past year I was a part-time contract remote learning specialist for Pomfret School, a boarding school in Connecticut, which involved working with high school students one-on-one using Zoom, and began a tutoring practice for students with a variety of learning challenges, including ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and weaknesses in executive functioning.

I've raised my twins, who graduated May 2021 from Brandeis and Tufts, in Rye Brook, NY, and I am very familiar with the school system. I was a long time member of the Blind Brook Board of Ed Technology Committee and was also on several school committees in the district while my children were in school.  

Teaching is a passion for me. I enjoy helping young people to overcome learning challenges so that they can achieve their true potential. This may involve helping students with reading/writing/math challenges or students who need help with organizational and study skills. It is very important to me to establish a rapport with my students, and I teach with humor, understanding, and patience.




Literacy - Reading/Writing/Spelling

  • Beginning reading using a multi-sensory phonetic approach, including songs, rhythms, and mnemonics.

  • Reading instruction for older students who continue to need help with decoding and fluency.

  • Reading comprehension help to develop the skills for understanding on the literal and abstract levels, as well as applying what is read. This includes expanding the student's vocabulary.

  • Spelling instruction using the rules that apply to a large body of words in the English language. (For example, no word in the English language ends in v, it has to be followed by an e.) For these and the words that don't follow any rule, instruction is enhanced through songs, rhythms, mnemonic rules, games, and practice using a variety of activities.

  • Writing is a developmental skill, moving from the sentence level, then the paragraph level, and finally to essay writing. I teach students starting at their level, including writing mechanics, grammar, and content development.

Math - All skills from number recognition through 6th grade level

  • Touch Math techniques used to help those with difficulty remembering math facts.

  • Rhythms, songs, and finger tricks to learn the multiplication facts.

  • Skills taught step by step to ensure understanding and retention.

  • Error analysis to find and correct misunderstandings.

  • Tackling word problems through key words and other means to aid understanding. 


Organization and Study Skills

  • Time management skills

  • Organization of work space and assignments 

  • Test preparation

  • Motivating through success

Levels of Teaching

Literacy - All grade levels, including essay writing instruction


Math - K through 6th grade

Organization and Study Skills - All grade levels

Tutoring Options

One-on-one lessons (in-person or online)

I am available to tutor in half-hour or hour blocks of time. 

Included after each session is a discussion with the parent(s) about how the session went and how to apply it.


  • Explanation of evaluations and reports in layman's language

  • Advisement on how to be a good advocate for your child to get appropriate services, accommodations, and modifications

  • Education advocate at CSE and 504 meetings




Reach out to me at my email or phone number for a free consultation. I look forward to speaking with you on how to best help your child reach their potential!


Phone #: 914-980-8175

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